The Digital Viticulturist

Buy your first NFT and become a @DigitalViticulturist™.

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Become a Senator

333 OG

The first 333 OriginalGangsters of @DigitalViticulturist™ will join as Senators of @GroGrapesDAO™, a virtual assembly of users interested in the project, combining their resources and skills to pursue the good and prosperity of the community.


Birthday of the Digital Viticulturist

Every time your @DigitalViticulturist™ celebrates a birthday, you will receive a reward of 2500 $Cheers.

$Cheers tokens

The $Cheers are tokens that accumulate daily with ownership of the digital vine Smart Contract and can be spent on GroGrapes e-commerce.

Exclusive experiences

Exclusive experience packages at luxury resorts, @BotanicVineyard™️ and our winery.

Family Experiences

Family packages at B&Bs with experiences at our @BotanicVineyard™️ and winery.

Online Tasting

You can purchase online tasting experiences with an expert wine taster and we will send you a kit of three wine samples.

Waiting List

Join the GroGrapes Community Waiting List and Buy Your NFTs


GroGrapes is a project born in Piedmont, Italian excellence for the production of wine. The first partner winery, Cascina della Pesa, is located in the territory of Monferrato Astigiano, more precisely in Cioccaro di Penango.

The Botanic Vineyard

Your Vine, Your Choice: Variety at Your Fingertips

We have different types of vines to choose from: 4 red varieties and 3 white varieties.  The red varieties are Grignolino, Nebbiolo, Sirah and Barbera, while the white varieties are Zibibbo, Cortese and Chardonnay. The price ranges from 0.15 ETH for Grignolino, 0.30 ETH for Barbera, Sirah, Zibibbo, Cortese and Chardonnay to 0.45 ETH for Nebbiolo. These purchase prices correspond to the total sum required to own, maintain, care for and, if necessary, replant the asset in the real world for an indefinite period of time.

Company Informations

Sanvittore SRL
Cioccaro di Penango, 14030, AT


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