在元宇宙 @MetaBotanicVineyard™里买一棵数字葡萄树,它将成为我们在意大利葡萄园里@BotanicVineyard™现实葡萄树的数字孪生体!

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让我们从 333 NFT 开始

我们将首先创建一个由 333 个 NFT 组成的集合,以此作为我们@DigitalViticulturist™的头像,价格为0.75 个以太币(ETH):购买 @DigitalViticulturist™ 的 NFT 时,我们还将赠送您第一个葡萄藤 NFT,对应格里诺里诺(Grignolino)品种的数字孪生。 然后,每个 @DigitalViticulturist™ 的所有者都可以购买其他 NFT 葡萄藤,即 @BotanicVineyard™ 中不同品种的数字孪生体。


您的数字葡萄品种:从 6666个NFT组成的不同类型的葡萄品种中进行选择

即将推出:我们的第一批格力诺利诺3333 NFT,每枚价格为 0.15 ETH。
随后,我们将推出第二批 3333 NFT 的葡萄树。葡萄品种将由 GroGrapesDAO™ 挑选。


这种类型的 NFT 是永久性的:它可以获得独一无二的所有权和其他福利。

$Cheers 代币


$Cheers是代表我们的 NFT 所有权的一种代币。

每次您的 @DigitalViticulturist™ NFT 过生日,您都会收到 2500 $Cheers 作为奖励。

您每天可以从格里诺利诺的NFT中获得 1 $Cheers,每天从巴贝拉、西拉、泽比波、柯蒂斯和霞多丽 的NFT 中获得2 $Cheers,以及从内比奥罗的NFT中获得 3 $Cheers。(注:格里诺利诺、巴贝拉、西拉、泽比波、柯蒂斯、霞多丽和内比奥罗都是葡萄品种)




2023 年第四季度

Waiting List

2023 年第四季度


2024 年第一季度


2024 年第一季度

我们将首先创建一个由 333 个 NFT 组成的集合,以此作为我们@DigitalViticulturist™的头像,价格为0.75 个以太币(ETH):购买 @DigitalViticulturist™ 的 NFT 时,我们还将赠送您第一个格里诺利诺葡萄藤 NFT,价值为0.15 ETH。




第二批 由3333 NFT 组成的格里尼奥里诺葡萄树集合将于之后发布,售价为每个 0.15 ETH。
然后,我们将再次推出由 3333 个 NFT 组成的第三批葡萄树系列,其品种将由 @GroGrapesDAO™ 选择。


2023 年第四季度

Waiting List

2023 年第四季度


2024 年第一季度


2024 年第一季度

我们将首先创建一个由 333 个 NFT 组成的集合,以此作为我们@DigitalViticulturist™的头像,价格为0.75 个以太币(ETH):购买 @DigitalViticulturist™ 的 NFT 时,我们还将赠送您第一个格里诺利诺葡萄藤 NFT,价值为0.15 ETH。




第二批 由3333 NFT 组成的格里尼奥里诺葡萄树集合将于之后发布,售价为每个 0.15 ETH。
然后,我们将再次推出由 3333 个 NFT 组成的第三批葡萄树系列,其品种将由 @GroGrapesDAO™ 选择。





对葡萄酒 、Web3、区块链和 NFT 技术感兴趣的人

13835 平方米

由意大利农业部首批授权的GroGrapes @BotanicVineyard™

9.888 千克




数据来源:金融时报,DappRadar,全球机会分析和行业预测,SACE SIMEST对Istat数据的分析,以及来自Findstack的Rebecca Carter提供的信息。

Waiting List

加入 GroGrapes社区白名单,购买您的 NFTs




我们的目标是让每个人都能直接接触到葡萄酒的世界。这个梦想给在元宇宙中提供卡希纳德拉佩萨葡萄树的想法提供了灵感。具体做法是通过为每个真实的葡萄园创建数字孪生体来完成的。只需少量投资,每个人都有机会拥有一个或多个葡萄树 NFT。此外,通过拥有这些 NFT,个人将获得$Cheers 代币作为奖励。

Carlo Farotto

DigitalViticulturist & Founder

Entrepreneur, enthusiastic about startups, studied Mechanical Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino. Since he started taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the web3, he has changed his nature, transforming into 1969QΣL-HAL, hΞ Ωnly dΞλls witΗ mΞtavΞrsΞ.

Daniele Mangano

DigitalViticulturist & Co-founder

Daniele Mangano is an active serial entrepreneur with businesses in the industrial automation, biometric recognition, blockchain technology, and digital currency sectors. He is the Founder and CEO of the multinational group Manganorobot Srl, the founder of Worldcupapes AG, a company operating in the sports-tech blockchain sector. He is also the Vice President of Confindustria Centro Asia and a consultant and advisor for various technological projects.

Silvio Luchetti

DigitalViticulturist & Advisor

Silvio Luchetti, an engineer by training with an Executive Master in Innovation, is renowned for his experience in the start-up and innovation sector. In recent years he has specialised in Web3 and AI, developing products, providing business consulting and investing in various companies. He is also a frequent speaker and lecturer on Web3 and AI topics for business schools, universities and companies.

Emanuele Crescini

DigitalViticulturist & Senior Advisor

He has worked in finance since 1990 and became a financial advisor in 1998. Since then, he has invested in 33 innovative start-ups and co-founded 4, including an innovative winery. A board member of Graphene-XT since 2019 and Scaling Parrots since 2023, he offers his expertise as an advisor to 10 companies, with financial advice as his core business. He is the author of the essay “Born to be a Startupper”.

Giuse Beatrice

DigitalViticulturist & Administration, Finance

A qualified accountant and commercial expert, she has extensive experience in administrative and financial management in the industrial sector. She takes care of the administrative and organisational aspects of the project.

Anna Vittoria Magagna

DigitalViticulturist & Digital Art Advisor

Anna Vittoria is a professional in the field of contemporary art and crypto. She has collaborations with various museum institutions, private art galleries, and crypto and digital art projects for design, cultural consulting, and media. Starting from this year, she is the artistic advisor of GroGrapes.

Riccardo Farotto

DigitalViticulturist & Social Specialist

Soon to graduate, with excellent results in all subjects, from the Lanza Institute of Casale Monferrato, specialising in the humanities. Passionate about role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons and active in online gaming communities. Loves reading and Italian singer-songwriter music. Passionate about digital technologies.

Luca Bosso

DigitalViticulturist & IT Consultant

An IT consultant with a strong passion for software development, websites, apps, and blockchain-based solutions. I began working in the tech sector 14 years ago and have since collaborated with numerous national and international companies, helping them develop customized software solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Alessandro Ricci

DigitalViticulturist & Blockchain, Web3 Specialist

As a manager in leading tech companies, he has gained extensive experience in the development of complex software applications. He has also worked in wineries and his dream is to find the perfect link between these two seemingly distant worlds.

Sara Renzi

DigitalViticulturist & Community Promoter

Sara Renzi, 25 years old. She has a degree in psychology and is an expert in digital marketing and social media. She is responsible for creating content, managing customer relationships and developing marketing strategies, with a particular focus on blockchain technology. Determined and ambitious, she combines her passion for volunteering and travelling with her interest in new technologies and the web3 revolution.

Federico Irace

DigitalViticulturist & Community Promoter

Young and enterprising, he graduated with honours in Communication Strategies and Techniques. He has dedicated himself with passion and commitment to various projects, including clothing brands, record labels and public relations. Enthusiastic about 360° communication, he focuses on social networks, branding and community. He combines determination and attention to business aspects, always aiming for exceptional results.

Stefano Francia

DigitalViticulturist & Project Supporter

Electronic engineer and tech enthusiast, loves diving into hardware/software design for IoT applications. He’s a true believer in the potential of blockchain and NFTs to revolutionize real-world applications. Always ready for the next big thing!


NFT 和区块链对环境的影响会随着技术的发展而逐渐减少,但我们使用 GroGrapes 的方法提供了一种有效的平衡。每个与我们@BotanicVineyard™的实际葡萄树相关联的 NFT 都会抵消碳排放,每年吸收约1.5 公斤的二氧化碳。这相当于一辆中型传统燃油车行驶超过 15 公里。选择我们的 NFT,您就为环境可持续性发展做出了直接贡献。


GroGrapes 接受用以太币(ETH)来购买 NFT,在我们的网店中,您还可以使用您积累的$Cheers代币来购买产品和体验。


每个 NFT 都在以太坊区块链上注册,以太坊区块链是首次铸币的区块链。区块链不一定可以相互操作。这意味着在特定区块链上铸造的 NFT 可能无法转移到另一个区块链上。



格里诺利诺: 0.15 个以太币
巴贝拉、西拉、泽比波、柯蒂斯和霞多丽:0.30 个以太币
内比奥罗: 0.45 个以太币

GroGrapes会将部分收益捐赠给马托格罗索计划,这是一项社会公益计划,目的是在秘鲁沙漠一个非常贫穷的小镇钦博特上建造一所学校。因为这所学校面向贫困地区,救助因贫困而失学的儿童和年轻人,希望他们在一个能接受教育的地方可以一起学习和一起成长,所以这所学校被命名为Escuela Total。
Escuela Total目前有15个小学班和18个幼儿园班,还有一个中学项目来帮助孩子们完成学业。


没有。除了最初因购买NFT产生的费用之外,没有其它额外费用。NFT的价格已经涵盖了植物养护和每年葡萄酒生产的所有必要支出。这意味着当您购买了 NFT之后,就没有再需要您进行付费的费用——我们会帮您照顾植物以及处理葡萄酒生产等提供一条龙服务。

$Cheers代币是对拥有与葡萄藤相关的NFT的每日奖励。每天,代币持有者将获得一定数量的$Cheers: 格里诺里诺NFT 为 1 $Cheers,巴贝拉、西拉、泽比波、柯蒂斯和霞多丽NFT 为 2 $Cheers,内比奥罗NFT 为 3 $Cheers。
此外,还有一项投资奖励:如果您拥有 @DigitalViticulturist™ NFT 并至少保留一年而不出售,您将获得 2500 $Cheers的奖励。
累积$Cheers代币后,$Cheers可以在GroGrapes网站上以多种方式兑换。它们可以用来购买葡萄酒、独家体验、在线品酒体验、与葡萄酒相关的艺术品和其他 GroGrapes NFTs。此外,还可以捐赠给慈善活动 “Operation MatoGrosso”。


Sanvittore SRL
Cioccaro di Penango, 14030, AT



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