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Check out GroGrapes: buy a digital grapevine in the @MetaBotanicVineyard™ in the Metaverse and it will be the digital twin of a real grapevine in our @BotanicVineyard™ in Italy!

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The @DigitalViticulturist™

Let’s start with 333 CryptoAssets

We will start by creating a collection of 333 CryptoAssets representing an avatar of a @DigitalViticulturist™, which will cost 0.75 ETH: with the purchase of this CryptoAsset of @DigitalViticulturist™, we will also give you your first CryptoAsset of grapevine, corresponding to the digital twin of the Grignolino variety.

Each @DigitalViticulturist™ owner can then purchase other CryptoAsset of grapevine, digital twins of different varieties available in the @BotanicVineyard™.

The @BotanicVineyard™

Your Digital Grape Varieties:
Choose from 6666 CryptoAssets of Grapevines of different Types

Coming soon: our first collection of 3333 CryptoAssets of Grignolino at a price of 0.15 ETH each.
We will then mint a second collection of another 3333 CryptoAssets of grapevines. The variety will be chosen by GroGrapesDAO™.

Harvesting the benefits

This type of CryptoAsset is permanent: it gives access to exclusive experiences and other benefits.

The $Cheers Token

Generating Rewards through Tokenomics

$Cheers is a token generated by the ownership of our CryptoAssets.

Every time your @DigitalViticulturist™ CryptoAsset has a birthday, you will receive 2500 $Cheers as a reward.

You will receive 1 $Cheers per day for the Grignolino CryptoAsset, 2 $Cheers per day for the Barbera, Sirah, Zibibbo, Cortese and Chardonnay CryptoAsset and 3 $Cheers per day for the Nebbiolo CryptoAsset.

$Cheers tokens are redeemable for purchases on GroGrapes e-commerce:

You can also choose to donate your tokens to charity in Mato Grosso for the construction of a school in Chimbote, a very poor town in the Peruvian desert.


Q4 2023

Waiting List

Q4 2023

Creation of a waiting list

Q1 2024

Digital Viticulturist

Q1 2024

We will start by creating a first collection of 333 CryptoAssets featuring an avatar of a @DigitalViticulturist™, priced at 0.75 ETH: with the purchase of this @DigitalViticulturist™ CryptoAsset, we will also give you an additional CryptoAsset corresponding to a Grignolino grapevine, valued at 0.15 ETH.

Q2 2024

Meta Botanic Vineyard

Q2 2024

A second collection of 3333 CryptoAssets of Grignolino at 0.15 ETH each will be released later.
We will then mint a third collection of another 3333 CryptoAssets of grapevines, the variety of which will be chosen by @GroGrapesDAO™.


Q4 2023

Waiting List

Q4 2023
Creation of a waiting list

Q1 2024

Digital Viticulturist

Q1 2024
We will start by creating a first collection of 333 NFTs featuring an avatar of a @DigitalViticulturist™, priced at 0.75 ETH: with the purchase of this @DigitalViticulturist™ NFT, we will also give you an additional NFT corresponding to a Grignolino grapevine, valued at 0.15 ETH.

Q2 2024

Meta Botanic Vineyard

Q2 2024

A second collection of 3333 NFT of Grignolino at 0.15 ETH each will be released later.
We will then mint a third collection of another 3333 NFT of grapevines, the variety of which will be chosen by @GroGrapesDAO™.

Key Numbers

1.8 Billion

Wine consumers in the world

28.4 Million

People passionate about both wine and Web3, Blockchain and CryptoAsset technologies

13.835 m²

The first GroGrapes @BotanicVineyard™ authorised by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture

9.888 Kg

of CO2 absorbed each year

101.287 Km

Travelled by internal combustion engine car, compensated by the @BotanicVineyard™ every year.

Sources: Financial Times, DappRadar, Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, SACE SIMEST Analysis on Istat data, Rebecca Carter from Findstack.

Waiting List

Join the GroGrapes Community Waiting List and Buy Your CryptoAssets

About Us

GroGrapes is an innovative project for
the development and protection of the rural world

GroGrapes is an innovative project for the development and protection of the rural world

Our aim is to make the world of wine directly accessible to everyone. This aspiration gave rise to the idea of offering the vines of Cascina della Pesa in the Metaverse. This is done by creating a digital twin of each real plant. With a modest investment, everyone has the opportunity to own one or more grapevine CryptoAssets. In addition, by owning these CryptoAssets, individuals will receive $Cheers tokens as a benefit.

Carlo Farotto

DigitalViticulturist & Founder

Entrepreneur, enthusiastic about startups, studied Mechanical Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino. Since he started taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the web3, he has changed his nature, transforming into 1969QΣL-HAL, hΞ Ωnly dΞλls witΗ mΞtavΞrsΞ.

Silvio Luchetti

DigitalViticulturist & Advisor

Silvio Luchetti, an engineer by training with an Executive Master in Innovation, is renowned for his experience in the start-up and innovation sector. In recent years he has specialised in Web3 and AI, developing products, providing business consulting and investing in various companies. He is also a frequent speaker and lecturer on Web3 and AI topics for business schools, universities and companies.

Emanuele Crescini

DigitalViticulturist & Senior Advisor

He has worked in finance since 1990 and became a financial advisor in 1998. Since then, he has invested in 33 innovative start-ups and co-founded 4, including an innovative winery. A board member of Graphene-XT since 2019 and Scaling Parrots since 2023, he offers his expertise as an advisor to 10 companies, with financial advice as his core business. He is the author of the essay “Born to be a Startupper”.

Giuse Beatrice

DigitalViticulturist & Administration, Finance

A qualified accountant and commercial expert, she has extensive experience in administrative and financial management in the industrial sector. She takes care of the administrative and organisational aspects of the project.

Anna Vittoria Magagna

DigitalViticulturist & Digital Art Advisor

Anna Vittoria is a professional in the field of contemporary art and crypto. She has collaborations with various museum institutions, private art galleries, and crypto and digital art projects for design, cultural consulting, and media. Starting from this year, she is the artistic advisor of GroGrapes.

Federico Irace

DigitalViticulturist & Community Promoter

Young and enterprising, he graduated with honours in Communication Strategies and Techniques. He has dedicated himself with passion and commitment to various projects, including clothing brands, record labels and public relations. Enthusiastic about 360° communication, he focuses on social networks, branding and community. He combines determination and attention to business aspects, always aiming for exceptional results.

Riccardo Farotto

DigitalViticulturist & Social Specialist

Soon to graduate, with excellent results in all subjects, from the Lanza Institute of Casale Monferrato, specialising in the humanities. Passionate about role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons and active in online gaming communities. Loves reading and Italian singer-songwriter music. Passionate about digital technologies.

Luca Bosso

DigitalViticulturist & IT Consultant

An IT consultant with a strong passion for software development, websites, apps, and blockchain-based solutions. I began working in the tech sector 14 years ago and have since collaborated with numerous national and international companies, helping them develop customized software solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Alessandro Ricci

DigitalViticulturist & Blockchain, Web3 Specialist

As a manager in leading tech companies, he has gained extensive experience in the development of complex software applications. He has also worked in wineries and his dream is to find the perfect link between these two seemingly distant worlds.

Sara Renzi

DigitalViticulturist & Community Promoter

Sara Renzi, 25 years old. She has a degree in psychology and is an expert in digital marketing and social media. She is responsible for creating content, managing customer relationships and developing marketing strategies, with a particular focus on blockchain technology. Determined and ambitious, she combines her passion for volunteering and travelling with her interest in new technologies and the web3 revolution.

Stefano Francia

DigitalViticulturist & Project Supporter

Electronic engineer and tech enthusiast, loves diving into hardware/software design for IoT applications. He’s a true believer in the potential of blockchain and CryptoAssets to revolutionize real-world applications. Always ready for the next big thing!


CryptoAsset and blockchain have a significant impact on the environment but, being our CryptoAssets linked to a really existing vine plant, the possession of each CryptoAsset of the @MetaBotanicVineyard™ has 1,5 kg of CO2 each year equivalent to more than 15 km travelled with a medium-sized car with an endothermic engine (petrol or diesel).

GroGrapes supports all major digital wallets. If you don’t know where to start we recommend MetaMask, which is one of the most popular and easy to use wallets.

GroGrapes accepts Ethereum (ETH) for the purchase of CryptoAsset, in our ecommerce you can also use the $Cheers tokens accumulated to buy products and experiences.

GroGrapes is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each CryptoAsset is registered in a blockchain, which will be the blockchain on which it is first coined. Blockchains are not necessarily interoperable. This means that a CryptoAsset minted on a certain blockchain may not be transferable to another blockchain.

CryptoAsset are certificates (contracts) that attest to the authenticity, uniqueness and ownership of any digital asset. This certificate is registered in blockchain (an immutable digital archive that cannot be tampered with).
They are unique pieces, and as such, that cannot be exchanged indifferently with each other (as we could do for example by exchanging a coin from one euro: no one would lose it would gain) but they are resold to other people at prices agreed between the parties (your house can not be exchanged with another as you would exchange your euro coin, but you can sell it or trade it with information of a certain amount of money).
The fields of application of CryptoAsset are many: from art to community creation, from use in the real world to have exclusive experiences (membership card, loyalty cards), and probably there will be more in the future thanks to the evolution of technology.

The blockchain is a shared and unchangeable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and the traceability of goods in a commercial network. Virtually anything that has a value can be tracked and traded on a blockchain network, reducing risk and cost for everyone involved. Blockchain is ideal for transmitting data because it provides instant, shared, and completely transparent information stored in an unchangeable log that only authorized network members can access. A blockchain network can, among other things, track orders, payments, accounts, production and much more. Given that members share a unique view of the truth, you can see all the details of an end-to-end transaction, thus generating more confidence, as well as new opportunities in terms of efficiency.

We have different types of cuttings to choose from: 4 red grapes and 3 white grapes.  As for red grapes we have Grignolino, Nebbiolo, Sirah and Barbera, whereas for white grapes we have Zibibbo, Cortese and Chardonnay.
The price goes from 0.15 ETH for Grignolino, 0.30 ETH for Barbera, Sirah, Zibibbo, Cortese and Chardonnay up to 0.45 ETH for Nebbiolo.

A part of the proceeds of GroGrapes will be donated to charity to Operation Mato Grosso: this humanitarian mission deals with the creation of a school in Chimbote, a very poor city located in the desert of Peru. This school is called Escuela Total, because it welcomes poor children and young people in a place where they can both study and grow up together while becoming good citizens, it is an environment that privileges a well-rounded education.
Currently the Escuela Total has 15 primary and 18 kindergarten classes and there is also a secondary school project to accompany children to the completion of their training.

For each dead plant, we will plant a new one at our expense, in the same place as the previous one.

In addition to the initial investment you will not have other expenses, the price of the CryptoAsset already includes all the expenses we incur for the care of the plant and the production of wine annually.

$CHEERS is a token that generates daily by owning the CryptoAssets of the vine plants.
You will have 1 $CHEERS per day for the CryptoAsset of Grignolino, 2 $CHEERS for the CryptoAsset of Barbera, Sirah, Zibibbo, Cortese and Chardonnay and 3 $CHEERS for the CryptoAsset of Nebbiolo.

$Cheers are generated also staking CryptoAsset:
if you own a @DigitalViticulturist™ CryptoAsset and don’t sell it for at least one year, you will get as a reward 2500 $Cheers.

The $Cheers can be spent on GroGrapes e-commerce to buy bottles of wine or other agricultural products, given to charity to the operation MatoGrosso or sold at auction to the highest bidder.

Company Informations

Rura Servanda SRL Società Benefit
Cioccaro di Penango, 14030, AT
PIVA 01748000054


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